I am Caelyn Robertson, a South African self-taught artist , born and living in Cape Town. Focusing mostly on portraiture and nude figures I tend not to think to much over what and why. There is not much planning that goes into my work. It’s a simple process. My subjects intrigue me. Colour and its endless possibilities excite me. Transferring what I see onto blank canvas challenges me. After matriculating, I have taken the past years to travel and in traveling, painting through the places I visit. I have also attended various part time art courses at Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town. I am open to experience and learning, watching and experimenting aiding to the continual growth of my style and abilities as an artist. Here is my art…enjoy!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Caelyn, your work is astounding! It’s so youthful and yet so mature at the same time. Your writing is really great too – a wonderful narration to the artwork. Your future looks extremely bright and you are a living inspiration to all of us who need to just get out and do what we love. The money will come. God honours that. Thank you for sharing your art and your insights with us. Gorgeous!!

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